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Home Instead--Difficult questions facing Iowans as they age, as seen on The Steele Report

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What kind of lifestyle do you hope to live, as your years go by?

What happens if you have to give up your driving privileges?

How long do you think you'll be able to remain in your home?

These are just some of the questions many people choose to avoid as they get older, and many simply refuse to even begin to address these key elder concerns.

In a poll, conducted by Home Instead, Inc. and the Marist College, 1 in 6 Americans said they would rather have a colonoscopy that talk to their loved ones about end-of-life planning.

Thus, Home Instead, Inc. with a branch in the Cedar Valley, coined a wide-ranging senior program to help families work through those very difficult conversations.

They call it “Elderoscopy,” a program to help older adults and their families initiate conversations about some of the most uncomfortable issues seniors find themselves facing om a daily basis.

Elderoscopy' asks six very basic questions to help get the conversation started.

Where would I live out my senior years?

What lifestyle do I desire as I grow older?

How do I plan to stay healthy?

If I find myself single, what will I do?

How do I see myself getting around if I can no longer drive?

How do I want my final years to look for me and my family?

New research indicates many seniors, age 65 and older, postponed routine doctor appointments and checkups during the pandemic.

“Elderoscopy” is not a physical examination or a medical procedure. It's an educational program a tool to help seniors and their families begin important conversations about preparing for their later year in life

“Elderoscopy” gives families the tools to help initiate discussions on many important topics, like finances, housing, driving, medical checkups, relationships, end-of-life planning, and many others.Home Instead professionals, like Candy Diercks in Waterloo, are available to help facilitate some of those uncomfortable, but necessary talks about the future.

Candy Diercks of Home Instead stops by the KWWL-TV studios to talk about the “Elderoscopy” program and what it hopes to accomplish for families.

Home Instead, Inc. is located at 1844 West Ridgeway Avenue. The phone number is: 319-235-5999.

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