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Lisbon wins 2019 Battle of Waterloo

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WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) - The second, and final day, for the Battle of Waterloo came down to just a couple points.

Lisbon, West Delaware, Don Bosco and Waverly-Shell Rock were the final four out of 32 teams entering the tournament.

The final matchup for the title came between Don Bosco and Lisbon after the Don's went up 2-0 on the final teams and the Lions 2-1 after suffering a loss to Waverly-Shell Rock 39-32.

Dons started out up 12 nothing, but the Lions bounced back trying it up at 12 all after 285 weight class. The Lions would press on to go up 25 -19 at 132.

The Dons were not out after a ranked faceoff between #1Mitchell Hauck and #3 Cael Frost who kept it close until Hauck gets a take down on Frost 34-25.

The Dons would close the gap with Cade and Carson Tenold, but the Dons can't get a full grip on the championship. Lisbon Lions turn out to win the 2019 Battle of Waterloo, 34-32.

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