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NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The National Transportation Safety Board says a fatal head-on crash between two towboats pushing barges in Louisiana was caused by inadequate communication and failure to broadcast their total sizes. The RC Creppel overturned and sank after the collision with the Cooperative Spirit in January 2020. Its pilot, captain and one of

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Family members of the 34 people killed in a fire aboard a scuba diving boat off the California coast two years ago have sued the U.S. Coast Guard for lax enforcement of safety regulations. The wrongful death lawsuit filed Wednesday says the Coast Guard has repeatedly certified passenger boats that are

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The captain of a cruise ship hit by the coronavirus told passengers it’s headed to the port of Oakland, California. Grand Princess Capt. John Smith told passengers in an audio address Saturday night that the ship will dock in Oakland. The company that owns the ship says it is expected to