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Nearly half of Marengo patients have been discharged from hospital following explosion

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Marengo plant explosion

FRIDAY UPDATE: In a statement from Laura Shoemaker, PR Manager of UIHC, around half of the injured patients from the Marengo explosion have been discharged. The other half have been admitted to the hospital. No new patients have been admitted since Thursday.

THURSDAY NIGHT UPDATE: The City of Marengo is informing residents who evacuated on South St. can now return to their homes.

The City says fire operations are ongoing and ask to avoid the South St. and Iowa County Fairgrounds area. 

THURSDAY UPDATE: Somewhere between 10-15 patients are in the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic's care following an explosion at the C6- Zero manufacturing plant on Thursday, according to a UIHC presser.

The explosion happened around 11:20 a.m. Multiple homes in the area were evacuated over concerns of chemicals catching fire or blowing in the wind. According to the company's website, they convert asphalt shingles into biofuel at the manufacturing plant.

According to Dr. Teri Brennan, the injuries are mostly contained to minor cuts, bruises, or moderate burns. However, there is one patient who is severely injured. No deaths were reported.

The hospital has not gone off of their emergency response plan yet due to the fire scene still being active. Officials as far as Iowa City responded to the scene. 

Those who have been evacuated in the area can utilize the Iowa County Transportation building for temporary shelter, but should not go back to their homes.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown.

ORIGINAL: An apparent explosion broke out at a building in Marengo earlier Thursday morning, with several people injured.

In a statement from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, they have confirmed multiple injuries from the incident.

They said, "University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics has received multiple patients following today's explosion in Marengo and anticipate others may be in route. At this time, we're evaluating the severity of injuries and are working to ensure all patients receive the care they require."

The City of Marengo cautioned the public to avoid the 800 block of East South Street. They also urged the public to avoid staying outside due to smoke from the fire.

Adam Papesh shot cell phone video of the scene, which can be viewed below.

In an eyewitness statement from Papesh, he said, "It's on the East end of town. I work next door. The Sheriff's evacuated our facility. It destroyed the whole east end of the building."