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John Deere celebrates 100th anniversary of its Model 'D' Tractor which ran from 1923-1953

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WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL)  It's another milestone summer for John Deere. May 30, 2023, will mark 100 years since production of the first John Deere Model D tractor in Waterloo.

Waterloo produced the Model D tractors for 30-years, the longest tractor production run in John Deere history. 

Production of the Model 'D' began on May 30, 1923 and end in 1953, with introduction of the Model R.

Of the Model D, Chris Boyens, Brand Standards Manager for John Deere, says

"It is one of the most iconic Deere tractors, being the first to offer the true green and yellow trade dress, and, for being the on the production line for over 30-years. This was a major influence on, not only Deere, but, the American farm brought us, truly into the tractor age of farming."

The hand start, two-cylinder tractor, originally cost about $1,000. Waterloo Deere employees manufactured 160,000 Model D's over the 30-year run.

John Deere Historian, Neil Dahlstrom, author of the book, Tractor Wars, adds, "It's the first green and yellow tractor to carry the John Deere name, which is incredibly significant."

"The Waterloo Boy came before, but it had some bits of red it, so, the Model D was really iconic in the world of John Deere.  That's why it's the logo of the John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum."

The 'D' replaced the original Waterloo Boy, and the company advertised the 'D' as 'The Daddy of all John Deere Tractors."

Deere kicked off the 100 year Model 'D' celebration with a 5k run/walk last Saturday. Other events are being planned for this summer to commemorate the 100-year anniversary. 

The Steele Report will devote an entire show segment to the John Deere Model D in June, featuring Chris Boyens and Neil Dahlstrom. 

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