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Rep. Ashley Hinson releases new statement on Pres. Trump’s impeachment, calls it the ‘wrong path’

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Ashley Hinson(R)_1st congressional district

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KWWL) -- As the House moves forward with the impeachment of President Donald Trump Wednesday, Second Congressional District Representative Ashley Hinson reiterated that she will not support it.

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In a statement, Hinson said in part, "I believe the President bears responsibility, and that is why I urged him personally to call off those who were violently storming the Capitol last week. I wish he had spoken up sooner, but he did not."

She went on to say:

"However, impeachment is the wrong path forward for several reasons. Speaker Pelosi is bypassing regular order - including the process of collecting evidence, conducting committee hearings, and having preliminary votes - to rush toward a second impeachment of President Trump. Just a week out from a new Administration, impeachment will only serve to feed the flames and further divide our nation.

Next week, there will be a peaceful transition of power to the Biden Administration, and we must re-focus on moving this country forward and solving the everyday problems facing Americans. Amid the chaos, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present real challenges to working people and businesses - Iowans are still trying to put food on the table, handle homeschooling, and struggling to pay their bills."

Representative Ashley Hinson (R)

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