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Carter Nordman will make history today, becoming the youngest Iowa House Representative

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DES MOINES, Iowa (KWWL) - We have seen a lot of firsts and a lot of changes during Decision 2020, including here in Iowa. However, District 19 Representative-elect, Carter Nordman, has proven that age is just a number.


Above are images of Nordman during his 2020 campaign.

Back in November, the 22-year-old politician made history becoming the youngest elected representative in the Iowa General Assembly.

"I think everyone was surprised at the outcome on election night, uh I was definitely not the only one," Nordman.

After meeting Senator, Chuck Grassley, at 11-years-old, his interests in politics were set in motion.

"After that, we got involved with his campaign that summer, and my grandma would take my cousin and me to go make yard signs for hours," Nordman said, "I was very intrigued and then you know going through high school I was very involved in politics still."

Growing up in Adel, this motivated Nordman to run for mayor after graduating from high school. After losing by a narrow margin, he went on to UNI to major in business management. Along the way, the UNI Business Program Manager, Bart Schmitz, saw Carter's passion for business immediately.


Images of Nordman during his campaign for mayor.

"I just saw Carter's determination, he was definitely motivated to do his own thing," Schmitz said.

Schmitz also told "KWWL" he believes his drive will serve Nordman, in his new role, well.

"He is a very strong communicator, he's on top of things, and he sees the bigger picture, and I think he's excited to make a difference."

Hoping to address many issues, the young Republican will be sworn in later today. Along with the other 99 elected representatives.


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