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North End Arts and Music Festival brings back soul to the summer

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North End Festival

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL)--- For a diverse community like Waterloo, the North End Arts and Music Festival is a summer staple for many.

The festival hosts local food, art, music and clothing from diverse talents in the area.

Black and Hispanic small business owners are invited to set up and show their talents each year.

Loud Boutique owner Blaine Scott has gone to the festival since she was a kid, and is now excited to continue the tradition.

"Bringing my business here is me bringing a part of myself and me being a part of something I grew up coming to it means more than anything," she said.

"It gives the kids an opportunity to see how I grew up, I never thought that I was going to be able to do what I wanted to do, especially to be able to do it in the community I grew up in," she continued.

The day's events were kicked off by a "Soul Parade," which featured different community members and organizations, as well as introduced thirteen drill teams performing from across the country.

The annual festival was originally created to give a voice back to the community, something that still stands today.

"It's allowing me to put myself out there for people who don't know I'm in the community, so it gives me the opportunity to let people know that I am here," Scott said.

Scott is grateful to the community for supporting her and those who look like her.

"It brings everyone in the community together, and that's what it's all about," she said.