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Neighbors discuss 11-year-old Xavior Harrelson’s disappearance as search continues

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Xavior Harrelson

MONTEZUMA, Iowa (CNN/KCCI) -- The first people to notice something wasn't right Thursday morning were Xavior's friends - and their parents.

Xavior usually got on his bike around 8 in the morning and started playing with other kids in the neighborhood.

Kevin Kautzer says his daughter hung out with Xavior every day.

"Usually they were outside between the two trailers playing with various toys. They also liked looking for bugs."

But when there was no playing together Thursday morning, Kautzer thought back to shouting he'd heard from Xavior's home the night before.

"There was a huge fight about 8 p.m. between Xavior and his mom, and they were shouting back and forth. Couldn't really tell what it was about, but it was really heated and it went on about 20 minutes."

Other neighbors heard the same thing and in hindsight wonder what significance that had.

Samantha has a son who is close friends with Xavior, getting together for birthdays and playdates.

She took the lead Thursday to report him missing and start searching herself.

"The other thing I can't really wrap my head around is why isn't anybody in the family gone on here," Rix said. "And so that's why I'm Xavior's voice. And that's how I feel. And that's why I keep doing this is because somebody has to speak for him."

Investigators have already reviewed some surveillance video from nearby cameras, but they're looking for more. Waiting for answers is taking a toll on the neighborhood.

"It's like he's mine," Rix said. "It's like a part of me is missing right now. And my heart hurts every moment until he comes home."