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Many of bomb suspect’s conspiracy theories tracked Trump’s

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LONDON (AP) — Mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc appears to have lived in a hallucinatory world populated by monstrous reptiles and malevolent billionaires.

But the paranoid stew of ideas he posted online gives a taste of how conspiracy theories are finding both an increased salience in American public sphere and a sometime-eager purveyor in the White House.

Sayoc’s Twitter feeds included references to bogus allegations that passenger aircraft were spraying the atmosphere with brain-altering poisons and that Hillary Clinton indulged in child sacrifice.

Sayoc was also obsessed with George Soros, the Jewish investor and Holocaust survivor who has served as a boogeyman for neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and Republicans.

The Soros obsession mirrors the preoccupations of President Trump, who recently accused Soros of financing anti-Trump protests and chuckled as supporters called for Soros to be thrown in prison.