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Eleven nurses at Indiana hospital pregnant at the same time

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SOUTH BEND, Indiana – There’s a hospital in Indiana that has 11 nurses who are pregnant at the same time.

This is in South Bend, and all the nurses either work in the childbirth or postpartum units.

These 11 nurses decided to go public after a story out of Main went viral, which featured nine pregnant nurses at the same hospital.

In South Bend, they say having coworkers in the same situation is a good thing, so they can give each other advice and sympathy. They say this also helps them connect with patients.

One nurse says, “It’s fun being able to just relate to your patient; your patients open up. We can talk about baby names, how many weeks we are and all that fun stuff.”

Luckily for the hospital, and its staffing situation, the nurses’ due dates are spread out, so they won’t all be out on maternity leave at one time.

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