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Residents; lawmakers unite against mobile home rates

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) – Local lawmakers are now working with residents of the Table Mound mobile home community against what some call “predatory practices.”

Table Mound was purchased by Impact Communities in the summer of 2017. Since then, residents have complained that their rent has increased as much as 60 percent.

According to Dubuque County Board Supervisor, Dave Baker, rent was previously $270 a month with water, sewage and trash included. Now, rent has increased to $420 with no utilities included.

“Some of these people just can’t afford it. There’s a lot of elderly people, there’s disabled people, there’s veterans and some people on lower incomes.” said Baker. “And what happens is if they can’t afford it, then they have to find somewhere to go.”

Many residents have been struggling to pay these rates. And others have been forced to leave.

“Basically, we’ve had a number of evictions within the last few weeks. It’s an alarming number, And it appears that if you’re late on your rent then they’re going to start the eviction process,” said Baker. “And for some of these folks, they have been put in a position to where they can’t afford it.”

Some residents have also complained about having issues with waste sewage and broken fire hydrants. Now, city, county and state lawmakers are getting involved.

They have encouraged tenants to form their own residents union. And local supervisors have also connected some residents with lawyers.


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