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DUBUQUE SPECIAL ELECTION: Pregler hopes to snag City Council seat

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John Pregler

DUBUQUE, Iowa. (KWWL) ------ Three candidates have filed to run in Dubuque City Council's upcoming special election.

John Pregler, Susan Farber and Nichole Weber have thrown their hats in the ring. Now that more than two candidates have filed to run in the election, a Primary Election will be held February 2. The top two from this race will face off in the special election on March 2.

Our first candidate profile is of John Pregler. Pregler says he's passionate about the prospect of representing the ward.

"Everything that I'm interested in doing really relates to thinking about our retiree population in Dububque, those who are 65 and older, which is about 17% of our population," Pregler said.

Pregler says along with retirees, the disabled and those living in poverty are the focus of his run for City Council.

"These are people who, often times, are not brought up as often at the city council table," Pregler said.

Pregler is proposing one fire station be moved farther west in Dubuque. He wants to see an ambulance added there to increase EMS response times in the farther reaches of city limits.

He says that fight's personal.

"Just in the last ten years I've had two neighbors pass, unfortunately. And I remember the one sitting there for over ten minutes listening to the sirens wail across the valleys while the EMS responders were on their way," Pregler said.

Pregler is worried that city tax dollars are spent on what he calls unnecessary projects, rather than helping these citizens.

While he acknowledges an investment could and should be made at Five Flags, he resists talks of building a new municipal facility on this scale for this purpose, for fear it would add to the city's total debt.

"The citizens of Dubuque could be straddled with $333 million worth of debt in 2025 if a voice of reason doesn't show up on city council and start swaying people in a different direction."

Only residents of Ward 1 will be eligible to vote in this race.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Pregler resists talks of building a new facility to replace projects like Five Flags. The topic of the city's multicultural center was erroneously invoked.

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