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DUBUQUE SPECIAL ELECTION: ‘Outsider’ Weber eyes City Council seat

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Nichole Weber

DUBUQUE, Iowa. (KWWL) -- Three candidates have filed to run in Dubuque City Council's upcoming special election.

John Pregler, Susan Farber and Nichole Weber have thrown their hats in the ring. Now that more than two candidates have filed to run in the election, a Primary Election will be held February 2. The top two from this race will face off in the special election on March 2.

Our third candidate profile is of Nichole Weber. Weber -- who admits she's a political "outsider" -- says her viewpoint wasn't considered by City Council, much of the reason why she's running for the seat.

"As a citizen, I can say that I have tried to approach the local government. And it's hard. It's very hard and it's frustrating," Weber said.

As a member of grassroots group "Unmask DBQ," she petitioned the city to shelve action on a mask mandate through late summer and fall.

Weber recounts how the council made her feel when presenting her views.

"The decision was already made. We'll listen to what you have to say, but that's about as far as it goes," Weber said.

She says the Council didn't consider objections raised by Weber and her cohorts as Council voted to mandate masks in city limits.

"You can't sit there and listen to me, and my voice not be heard, and then think that I'm going to trust the things that you are doing and saying," Weber said.

The candidate echoing her opponents' stane on city spending: she wants to see less tax dollars going toward building rehabilitation going forward.

"I just think that right now we need to pause the cosmetic or renovative projects that we're doing, and look at really building up the community," Weber said.

Weber says she wants to foster more community involvement in local government.

"The people are the ones that have kind of been kept away from political decision making, or decision-making in general. And I would love to see them become more a part of the process."

Only residents of Ward 1 will be eligible to vote in this race.