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PEOPLE’S SOLIDARITY FUND: Redistributing stimulus checks to those in need

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Solidarity fund

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) -- Based on a national movement to #sharemycheck, two local organizations in Cedar Rapids have teamed up to distribute stimulus checks to community members in need.

Advocates for Social Justice and the Sunrise Movement have created the People’s Solidarity Fund for people to donate money from their stimulus checks. 

“People have definitely been hit particularly hard due to the pandemic and the storm,” leader of the Sunrise Movement Cedar Rapids, Bridget Williams said.

Medical challenges, transportation issues, food access, and rent are some of the challenges Williams says the community is facing. 

Co-founder of Advocates for Social Justice, Tamara Marcus, says people are in need of more than the 600 dollars that was given.

"This is just even more so than the first time around, even more important to provide this additional assistance," Marcus said. 

According to the People’s Solidarity Fund’s GoFundMe page, they are hoping to reach, "undocumented, indigenous, gender nonconforming, trans, immigrant, unhoused, disabled, Black, Brown and communities of color," with their fundraiser. 

In fact, only 34 people would need to donate their stimulus checks in order to reach the GoFundMe goal.

“Even donating ten to 30 dollars will go a long way,” Marcus said. 

The organizations will be using a Google Form application for people in need to apply. Applications are currently open to those located in Cedar Rapids, and may open to those in Linn County as well.

Williams says these applicants are you neighbors.

“We're really talking about giving to our neighbors and uplifting our own community,” Williams said.