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Governor regrets shutting down schools

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(KWWL) -- When asked if there was something she wished she hadn't done during the pandemic, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds replied, "I would not have shut schools down. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have done that."

Governor Reynolds made the comments Friday in her office, as part of an interview for this week's edition of The Steele Report.

Reynolds has long called for in-person school instruction, as some students appear to be lagging behind in their studies, due to remote learning.

She said, "Every Governor, or at least the ones I work with, wouldn't have ended up shutting them (schools) down, if they knew then what we know know."

Reynolds says she disagrees with a statement from new CDC Director, Rochelle Wolensky, that Iowa made a mistake in recently lifting most COVID restrictions in Iowa.

Watch the full interview from this week's edition of The Steele Report.