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Golden Retriever puppy recovering from surgery after animal abuse case

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KWWL) -- Cedar Rapids Police have provided an update on Kimble, the 9-week-old Golden Retriever puppy that was seriously injured in an animal abuse case.

After reportedly being grabbed, thrown to the ground, and kicked by a 22-year-old suspect, Kimble sustained a fracture of his right femur close to the knee joint and multiple fractures in his right metacarpals.

On Tuesday, April 6, Kimble went into surgery at Blue Pearl Pet Hospital through Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids. Critter Crusaders was the organization that was first informed of the animal abuse situation and contacted Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control.

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According to the Facebook post from CRPD updating on Kimble's condition, there is concern that the location of the femur fracture could affect the growth plate in his right leg.

It was determined by the surgeon that it was best to try to splint the metacarpals fractures, rather than undergoing surgery. The update said that there may still need to be surgical repair and planting, depending on how the fractures heal.

Kimble was also originally said to be 12 weeks old but a veterinarian has determined he is only about 9 weeks old.

Critter Crusaders has said that the cost of care has been over $13,000 but there have been many generous donations.

CRPD says have been many questions and offers about the adoption of Kimble. While they say no applications for adoption are being accepted at this time, Dogs Forever will handle future adoption.

Further updates on Kimble's condition will be posted by Critter Crusaders on their website and Facebook page.

More photos of Kimble and information on pet adoptions were provided by CRPD on their Facebook page.