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Carson King timeline of events

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IOWA (KWWL) — Over the past months, the Carson King saga has captured Iowa and the nation. Take a look through KWWL’s coverage of all the major events.

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September 14 — Carson King holds sign at Iowa-Iowa State football game requesting money for beer. He goes viral.

September 20 — After thousands of dollars were sent to King, Busch featured him on their cans naming him an “Iowa Legend” More from KWWL

September 22 — King reaches $1 million in contributions. Offers to donate all to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. More from KWWL

September 24 — King’s hometown ice cream parlor creates Busch Light ice cream in his honor, as he continues to receive national recognition. More from KWWL

September 24 — King apologizes after ‘hurtful and embarrassing’ tweet surfaces. More from KWWL.

September 25 — As news broke of King’s controversial tweets, many came to his support. The Des Moines Register added police presence after criticism turned threatening. More from KWWL.

September 25 — Despite controversy surrounding King, Gov. Reynolds designates Sept. 28 as Carson King Day. More from KWWL.

September 26 — Waterloo Oktoberfest pulled Busch Light from the celebration due to Anheuser-Busch cutting ties with King. More from KWWL

September 26 — Geneseo Brewing created a Pilsner named “Iowa Legend,” the title that previously adorned Busch Light cans made for King. More from KWWL.

September 26 — Des Moines Register dropped reporter who found King’s tweets. More from KWWL.

September 27 — RAGBRAI announced a $50,000 pledge to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital to support King’s efforts. More from KWWL.

September 28 — King joins University of Iowa fans in the honorary wave on ‘Carson King Day.’ More from KWWL

September 30 — ‘Carson King Countdown’ concert capped King’s viral fundraiser. More from KWWL

October 1 — King announced his final total of $2.95 million raised for the Children’s Hospital, all stemming from requesting money for beer at a football game. More from KWWL.

October 2 — With a final donation of $41,000, local Busch Light distributors across Iowa push King’s total to $3 million. More from KWWL.

October 8 — After raising millions of dollars, King was gifted a year’s supply of Busch Light. More from KWWL.

October 11 — King is recognized and donates $3 million to University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. More from KWWL.

October 14 — One month after King’s sign appeared in the background of ESPN’s College Gameday, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum have unveiled their new Carson King bobblehead. More from KWWL.

October 15 — The entire RAGBRAI staff resigns over the Des Moines Register’s handling of the Carson King story.  More from KWWL

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