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UPDATE: Vaccination incentive program rescinded for Dubuque city employees

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) - UPDATED: A plan to incentivize getting the COVID-19 vaccine for Dubuque city employees has now been rescinded.

"Well I thought it would be positively received. It wasn't," Dubuque City Manager Michael Van Milligen says. "Herd immunity is really important related to this pandemic. So we thought any way we can encourage a contribution to that herd immunity would be a good idea."

After announcing the plan Friday, Van Milligen says he spent the weekend embroiled in conversations with members of the public who opposed the move.

"100% of the people who contacted me were against it," Van Milligen said. "They just didn't agree that that was an appropriate expenditure of city funds."

See original story below.


In a press release from the City of Dubuque, a program designed to offer a $100 gift certificate incentive for City employees who receive the COVID-19 vaccination process has been rescinded.

As stated in the release, the decision comes after receiving a response and reaction from the public.

The incentive if not rescinded would offer city employees who completed their COVID-19 vaccination process the following:

  1. $100 gift certificate from a local restaurant of the employee’s choice and selected from a list of restaurants prepared by the City
  2. $100 gift certificate from a local non-profit organization from a list prepared by the City
  3. The employee could have chosen that a $100 donation be made in the employee’s name to a local non-profit organization of the employee’s choice.  

The policy was to be voted on Monday's Feb. 1 council meeting.