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Michigan couple married for 47 years die from COVID-19 one minute apart

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(CNN) -- A family in Michigan is mourning the death of not one, but two people from the coronavirus.

The couple was married for 47 years and died on the same day, just one minute apart.

"It's beautiful, but it's just so tragic. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet," daughter Joanna Sisk said.

And like the star-crossed lovers, Leslie and Patricia McWaters died a minute apart.

"One wouldn't have wanted to be without the other," Sisk said.

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The great-grandparents passed away in the hospital from COVID-19.

"But I can tell you this, that when they passed, we really do think, you know, that mom, the boss, she definitely went to his room and took him by the hand and said, come on, LD. Let's go," Sisk said.

Patricia was a no-nonsense surgical nurse and Leslie was a fun-loving truck driver. And somehow their personalities were a perfect fit.

"Overall, I think that it was just, just give and take. They pick their battles," Sisk said.

But the coronavirus was a battle this elderly couple from Jackson, Michigan couldn't beat. And like the thousands of Michiganders who've lost loved ones to the virus, Sisk says it's agonizing to hear others brush off the risk.

"People were talking about it and not knowing that my parents were in the hospital, both fighting for their lives with it," Sisk said. "And it would just, I just had tears streaming down my cheeks, listening to them. Our entire family is completely devastated."