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Health officials advise White House to scale back booster plan

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(CNN) -- It's on many people's minds, when is the time to get a COVID booster shot? There appears to be some level of disagreement among federal officials on that topic.

The Biden administration is now considering scaling back the booster program that was slated to begin September 20.

The core issue is, while the FDA seems poised to recommend boosters for people who receive the Pfizer vaccine, the agency reportedly doesn't have enough information yet to do the same for Moderna's shot. That could change soon though.

Moderna says it has started submitting data to the FDA on a booster dose for its vaccine. But adding to the confusion, Moderna's submissions are in support of a booster six months after a second dose.

The federal recommendation for a booster of Pfizer's dose was set at eight months, though, President Biden indicated last week, that could change to as few as five months.

So far, no information is available about possible boosters for Johnson and Johnson's single dose vaccine.


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