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Dubuque health officials prepare for more positive COVID-19 cases

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KWWL) - As the number of positive coronavirus cases within the state continues to climb, Dubuque health leaders warn the worst has yet to come.

The Dubuque County Public Health Emergency Incident Team met with area hospital leaders to discuss concerns regarding equipment and patient space. Mary Rose Corrigan, Public Health Specialist for the City of Dubuque, said they are in constant communication with area hospitals in clinics.

"We have a weekly coalition call and we are in regular communication with the individual clinics regarding their needs," said Corrigan.

Currently, there is a nationwide shortage of personal protection equipment for medical staff. John Tallent, CEO of Medical Associates Clinics, said now is the time to gather equipment.

"We are doing everything possible to protect our patients and our health care providers and are planning for the worst so we can be as prepared as possible," said Tallent.

In addition to current precautions, Corrigan said we have to take bigger steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. And social distancing plays a major factor.

"I think we have to think differently as to how we shop, how we get food, how we check on our neighbors, how we assure vulnerable populations are being cared for, how we communicate with each other," said Corrigan. "We have to do things differently as Kay and Chad eluded to that all of the meetings are over the phone. And I think we are all practicing not having friends over to your house for social engagements even if it is just a couple of people.

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