KWWL’s Streaming For Success: Free Video Marketing Seminar
Streaming TV, Advertising and the Future of Video Marketing

How small businesses are capitalizing on the emerging TV streaming market!

KWWL will be hosting THREE Sessions to choose from!
Two in Waterloo on June 28, 2023, at 9AM or 2PM, and One in Dubuque on June 29, 2023, at 11AM

Register online or with your KWWL Account Executive.

All attendees have a chance to win a brand new iPad! See you there!

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You're Invited! TV streaming has opened a new opportunity for small businesses to target customers in a powerful way. How can you leverage the benefits of video through both traditional TV and streaming advertising, and what are the common mistakes to avoid?

KWWL Answers the Who, What, When, Where and Why of of utilizing both traditional and streaming TV advertising.

Learn from a National Speaker who will share details on media usage trends nationally and locally. You will also see an educational presentation on Streaming TV advertising from our Pulse Local Marketing Team.

National Speaker:

Our Waterloo sessions will feature Nationally Recognized Speaker Brian Allers, Senior Vice President, Business Development TVB, The National Trade Association representing America's broadcast television industry.

In his role with TVB, Brian works with local broadcast stations and ownership groups by traveling the country and presenting to advertisers on how to grow their business through the right allocation of their media dollar.

Our Waterloo and Dubuque Sessions will feature our Pulse Marketing Team. They'll share valuable information they have gained from working in markets across the country with business owners and marketing managers regarding how to purchase streaming TV advertising that will get the best return on your investment AND provide examples of proper conversion tracking too!

You will learn…
Who is watching video advertising
What is OTT, Streaming TV, Programmatic…
When are your prospective customers/clients watching
Where can you reach them
Why utilizing both traditional TV and streaming TV advertising is a good strategy
HOW to make it all happen without breaking the bank!