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Taylor Vessel

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Raised in a town of 600, I’m happy to move to the growing Cedar Valley.

I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Illinois, eventually moving to Chicago study biology at the University of Illinois Chicago. After a major life change, I moved back to southern Illinois to spend 3 years working for a local manufacturer. It was hard work that taught me what it means to commit to a job.

That commitment would take me Southern Illinois University where I studied journalism and video production. It was a dream I had when I was six to be a news reporter, and I finally achieved that while in college at WSIU Public Television. I would also work at multiple coffee shops, the local ABC affiliate, and help lead the student news team while attending classes full time. I will be forever grateful for that challenge.

I’m curious to see the nature trails that eastern Iowa has to offer. When I’m not outside, you can find me reading any genre of book, watching lots of movies, and spending time with friends.

Storytelling has always been my first passion and I’m excited to share the stories of the Cedar Valley. Let me tell your story!

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