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Sageville residents fight flooding annually

SAGEVILLE (KWWL) -- Sageville's been fighting flooding from the Little Maquoketa River for decades, but residents say it keeps getting worse. 

 "I'd say it's six or seven feet deep by the telephone pole," said Ken Carr.  "If it keeps getting worse, we'll have to evacuate again."

Getting to Ellen Hall's house was a bit of a trick. 

 "It's worse than '72," said Hall.  "I was in that too."

Hall says the flooding is getting worse.  She says it's the result of building on wetlands, snow build up, and debris clogging ditches and a bridge upstream -- things she wants the county to take care of.

"They are doing absolutely nothing," said Hall.  "I have begged them to try to get a grant to do something about this out here. We had a meeting back in 1980 with all the people that live in Sageville, and most of them refused to do anyting about it."

The county says it cleans up debris in dryer times, and the Army Corps of Engineers has offered suggestions.

"Taking some of the wooded areas off of the banks," said Eric Matarnach on the Board of Supervisors.  "Also, it's been looked at for dredging. None of these options were economically feasible."

The Board  of Supervisors said Corps studies indicate those things likely won't stop flooding.   A $1.5 million bridge replacement is slated for next year -- but they say things can always change with the budget.  They are also starting to control water runoff from new area subdivisions.

Online reporter: Jamie Grey

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