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New Hartford residents keep rebuilding after flood

by Danielle Wagner

NEW HARTFORD (KWWL) The threat of flooding from Beaver Creek is nothing new to most New Hartford residents.

"We're gonna have some water," said Jean Rawdon.

Jean Rawdon has lived on York Street since 1955. She said last year was the first time water got inside her home.

"We've had water around the house, we've seen boats in the streets, but never in the house, not like it was last summer," said Rawdon.

Around town, you can still see the devastation of last year's flood. Some homes are for sale, others burned or torn down.

Rawdon said residents moved out of about 41 homes because it was too expensive to rebuild.

Even Kwik Star decided not to rebuild after the flood.

But Rawdon said the people who stayed in New Hartford are committed to making the town better.

Many homes are in the process of remodeling, the library is back open and one resident is turning the old hardware store into a dance hall.

Another resident is so committed to staying, the house was raised eight feet because FEMA said that's what had to be done to be able to rebuild.

Rawdon said she won't let the threat of another flood bother her.

"Have you ever worried about living so close to Beaver Creek? No. No," she said.

Rawdon believes last year was an unusual situation and hopefully, won't happen again.

The City of New Hartford recently developed a long-term comprehensive plan. Some of the projects include annexing land not in the flood plain, storm and ground water management and working with the county to improve water flow under the town's bridge.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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