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Buddy Check 7: Cancer Car

By Stephanie Harris, NBC News

VIRGINIA BEACH (NBC)-- A Virginia Beach man is raising cancer awareness - on wheels!

It takes a special kind of man to drive a hot pink car with butterflies and lady bugs.

No, Shawn Pilkington didn't lose a bet - he won the love of a woman - who won her own battle with breast cancer.

"He was devastated when all this happened," said Breast Cancer Survivor Kelley Pilkington.

"Oh, oh I'll never forget the first two weeks, I didn't think about the year later. I thought about the first part. Yeah, if she could possibly die from this," said Shawn Pilkington, Kelley's husband.

Their 9-year-old, Emma, remembers the pointing and stares when mom lost her hair.

"It made me feel bad for my mom because no one should go through that, you know?," said Emma Pilkington.

The Pilkington's pulled together.

"Shawn was great. He waited on me hand and foot when I was going through all that," said Kelley.

"She sometimes would say, 'Stop, I'm fine.' I had to hear stuff like that cause I was over the top when she came home at first,'' said Shawn. ''I was, 'What can I do, what can I do, what can I do?'"

Then one day - it hit him.

Why not turn his next company car into a campaign for the cure?

of course it doesn't hurt that he's an exterminator.

"I think it's pretty cool," said Emma.

Others seem to agree.

"Just driving here, the school bus and the kids were smiling and pointing and the thumbs up at the stoplights," said Shawn.

Emma doesn't mind these new stares.

"I think it's good that we're showing about breast cancer and people should find out about it," said said.

Find out, about mammogram's and self exams.

"If just one person does that then that's pretty much what we set out to do," said Kelley.

And it's what they say will keep this peculiar pink car on the streets of Hampton roads until breast cancer is exterminated.

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