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Flood recovery help

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL)--Luke Cagley's house was filled with river water last spring destroying the house's interior and the majority of his belongings...

"I had a fish tank," Cagley said.  "The water got over the fish tank and killed my frogs and all my newts and fish.  It was about for feet up.  It destroyed basically all of my clothes.  Everything I owned."

The financial hardship was coupled with Cagley living on disability from an anxiety disorder.

Cagley has lived at 3 different residences while the Cagley family has been gutting the house, including a trailer about 10 feet wide.

Cagley's father found the Black Hawk County Long-Term Recovery Committee in a Courier ad.

The committee was able to supply dry wall for the house and coordinated a group of volunteers crew to come install it.

The house will be ready to be painted after this weekend, and in another month, the house will not be finished, but will, at least, be livable

Without this help, the family says it probably would have taken them another few months to get to the same point.

The Long Term Recovery Program is currently fixing about 7 houses in the area, but is still keeping an eye out for people needing help.  Their number is 319-272-2465.

Online Producer: Jackie Manternach

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