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UNI Film Screening Exposes Child Atrocities

(Cedar Falls-KWWL) A screening of the highly acclaimed documentary, Invisible Children, the Rough Cut, will take place on the UNI campus in Cedar Falls on April 15. The Invisible Children movement has helped educate Americans and bring awareness to the atrocities being afflicted on the children of Uganda, in East Africa. Twenty years of civil war have taken an amazing human toll on the people of Uganda, especially its innocent children.

Three young Southern California filmmakers began shooting The Invisible Children documentary in 2003-2004. They traveled to Uganda in 2003 on what they had described as a filmmaking adventure. What they discovered in Uganda would change their lives forever. During their trip, they found an ongoing human tragedy of immense magnitude. Ugandan children are being used daily as victims and weapons, in a nation already well known for chaos and violence. In today's Uganda, children face violence daily, and flee their homes to avoid recruitment into what is commonly known as the Lord's Resistance Army of Uganda.

Bordered on the east by Kenya and on the south by Tanzania, The East African nation of Uganda is perhaps best known for unspeakable atrocities inflicted on Ugandans for many years under the reign of former military dictator, Idi Amin. Amin took power in 1971 and is blamed in the deaths of some 300,000 Ugandans. In 1979, Amin lost power in the 1979 Uganda-Tanzania war, in which exiled Ugandans joined forces with Tanzanian forces to invade Uganda and overthrow Idi Amin.

Ugandans have only fared somewhat better under the reign of current President, Yoweri Museveni. Museveni has been in power since 1986, and won re-election in 2006. His government is credited with improving the Ugandan economy, and with reducing the number of HIV-AIDS cases in Uganda and reducing the number of new HIV infections. Despite those positives, Ugandan children still suffer on a daily basis. The Invisible Children movement is trying to help those children.

The UNI film screening on April 15 will take place in the Lang Hall Auditorium at 7 PM. Two UNI students, Stephanie Gonzalez, stephg@uni.edu an Art Hisotry major, and Alex  Welsh, welshaab@uni.edu, as Electronic Media major, are spearheading the effort to bring the Invisible Children movement to the UNI campus. The UNI event will be hosted by Stephanie and Alex, who will be joined by a roadie crew from Invisible Children, www.invisiblechildren.com which is based in San Diego.  

The goal is to increase campus and community awareness of the Ugandan children issue. The Invisible Children roadies will be on the UNI campus all day on April 15, to visit classrooms and meet with as many students as possible. The public is encouraged to attend the special documentary screening.

For more information, contact UNI students, Stephanie Gonzalez or Alex Welsh, either by e-mail (address above) or by telephone at 319-419-3113.


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