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L.O.S.T voting day for Linn County


LINN COUNTY (KWWL)-- Linn County residents are voting on a 1% local option sales tax to help pay for flood recovery projects.  Click here for election results.

The Linn County Auditor's Office estimates about a 25% registered voter turnout.

Polls close at 8:00pm Tuesday night.  For information on where to vote, click here.

The Linn County Auditor and the Cedar Rapids School District are telling voters who cast their ballots at Cedar Rapids School buildings that the March 3rd Local Option Sales and Services Tax Special Election is being held at a time when the school district will be transitioning between trimesters; therefore, parking at the school buildings will be very limited during the day and especially in the evening when conferences and other events will be taking place.

For questions regarding your polling place, contact the Linn County Elections Office at (319) 892-5300.  For general information on the Local Option Sales Tax vote, click here.

Special Notes from Linn County Website:

  • The cities of Bertram, Central City, Coggon and Prairieburg cannot participate in this election because they currently have this tax imposed.
  • All cities participating in this election will vote on the tax individually. In other words, the metro area will not be considered one voting block as they normally would for this type of election.
  • The unincorporated areas of the county are considered one jurisdiction for this election and will vote on the tax together as one voting block.
  • In Walford, only the residents on the Linn County side can participate. If the tax is approved, it will only effect businesses on the Linn County side.

• The polling place for the residents of Palo and Fayette Township has been changed from the Farm Services Building to the Palo Fire Station.

Revenue Purpose Statements by Jurisdiction

Alburnett: Water and street projects

Cedar Rapids: 10 % for Property Tax Relief; and 90% for the acquisition and rehabilitation of flood damaged housing caused by the flooding of 2008, and matching funds for federal flood dollars to assist with flood recovery or flood protection.

Center Point: Community improvement projects and essential corporate purposes.

Ely: Community improvements to include streets, storm sewer/runoff management, wastewater treatment, sanitary sewer and water infrastructure improvements, park/recreation improvements, reduction of short term debt and other community improvements projects.

Fairfax: One hundred percent (100%) for any lawful purpose of the City of Fairfax.

Hiawatha: Street improvements, public safety, park and recreation improvements, water and sewer system improvements.

Lisbon: Street improvements, public building renovation expansion and any other lawful purpose.

Marion: Road improvements, expenses associated with the expansion of the trunk sewer, and other community improvement projects.

Mount Vernon: One hundred percent (100%) for repairs, replacements, upgrades and new additions to the infrastructure systems of the City of Mount Vernon including sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water treatment, water distribution, and streets.

Palo: Road improvements, sanitary sewer improvements, park and recreational expenses, infrastructure improvements, and other community improvement projects.

Robins: Streets, water, sewer and other community improvement projects.

Springville: One hundred percent (100%) for infrastructure improvements to include water, sewer, storm sewer, street/curb and gutter, parks and residential development.

Walford: One hundred percent (100%) for infrastructure.

Walker: One hundred percent (100%) for a water tower restricted fund.

Unincorporated Areas of Linn County:
(1) revenues collected during the period April 1, 2009, through March 31, 2010, one hundred percent (100%) for flood recovery, including replacing flood related Linn County revenue shortfalls and repair and replacement of flood damaged Linn County property;

(2) revenues collected during the period April 1, 2010, through June 30, 2014, not less than ninety percent (90%) for construction and maintenance of Linn County secondary roads and bridges, and not more than ten percent (10%) conservation maintenance and improvements.

Online Producer:  JJ Murray

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