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Local districts question statewide superintendent cuts


DUBUQUE (KWWL) - State Senator Matt McCoy of Des Moines says cutting superintendents would save up to $22 million on school administrative costs.

It would cut more than 300 superintendents down to 99.

With more than 300 school districts across the state, there are more then 300 superintendents.

"You always run a risk of a single solution matching the needs across the entire state," said Dubuque Community School District Superintendent, John Burgart.

He says cutting 300 superintendents down to 99 raise more questions than answers.

"The issue of one superintendent with 6 or 7 districts that are five of six hundred totals is different than a superintendent that would need to work with schools in Linn County, Polk County, or Dubuque County," said Burgart.

Districts on those counties have up to 12,000 students He says combining school boards and policies could would also be an issue.

But there are 164 districts with fewer than 600 students. Add to that a drop in the student population and he understands the proposal.

"The fact is, the economy has caused a number of districts across the state to look at costs," said Burgart.

Many districts are sharing costs by sharing superintendents. He says more incentives might encourage the same idea in other districts.

"So more of the money directly towards education has a impact on what happens in the classroom," said Burgart.

Another issue to consider in the proposed law; boundaries. Burgart says the Dubuque Community Schools and Western Dubuque Schools pull students from surrounding counties. Combining them under one superintendent could mean redrawing boundaries.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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