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Two Waterloo men charged with trespassing while deer hunting

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has charged two men for trespassing after they followed an injured deer onto private property.

The property owner says Kenneth VanDeest, 40, and Timothy Aitchison, 31, both of Waterloo, killed a deer on his property without permission.

The local farmer reported that VanDeest had allegedly shot a deer in the right-of-way of a county road, crippling the animal which then ran to the farmer's field. VanDeest and Aitchison then allegedly entered onto the farmer's property without permission where Aitchison allegedly killed the crippled deer with a handgun.

The farmer confronted the two hunters and reported their license plate number to the DNR. After a two month investigation, the DNR decided to file charges against both hunters.

VanDeest is charged with Discharging a Shotgun/Shooting a Slug Over a Public Highway Right of Way, and Trespassing while Deer Hunting. Aitchison is charged with Trespassing While Deer Hunting. The charges are all simple misdemeanors. Maximum punishment for the charges are $625 dollars plus a $200 surcharge or 30 days in a county jail or a combination of a fine and jail time. In addition, liquidated damages for illegally- taken antlerless deer are $1,500 dollars per deer.

"Hunters need to remember that shooting a shotgun with a slug or any gun with a rifled projectile in the entire right of way of a highway, (county gravel roads and ditches are also highways, under the law) from property line to property line is illegal north of highway 30 in Iowa, and hunters also need to remember one of the basic ethical and legal principles of hunting: ask the farmer first," DNR Conservation Officer Dave Elledge said.

Both hunters are scheduled to appear in court in Oelwein next month.

Online Producer: Jenn Jarvis

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