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Coyote raises concerns in Cedar Falls


by John Wilmer

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- There is a debate brewing in Cedar Falls and it all deals with a new neighbor who has made itself at home in a city golf course.

A coyote spotted on the city's west side has become a pest of sorts, forcing a local elementary to call off recess and pet owners to keep their animals inside.

Neighbors who live around the Pheasant Ridge Golf Course say the coyote is far from dangerous. Some have even given it the name Curtis. Now many people wonder what will happen to Curtis when he gets too big for the course and golfers start hitting the links.   

Jeanette Marsh and her dog Putter have been taking walks around Pheasant Ridge throughout the winter, but one day on her walk Marsh got quite the surprise.

"It was so close I couldn't believe it and it scared me because then my dog took off after it and they both went running over the high snow banks. So I went running and screaming at my dog and pretty soon I see them both just playing," Marsh said.

Ed Gruenwald of the Black Hawk County Conservation Board says coyotes can be found in some of the biggest cities across the US.

"In North America we have coyotes from Alaska down to Panama so being that the United States is in the center of that range, it makes sense they are concentrated where we have a majority of them in our area," Gruenwald said.

Gruenwald also wants people to know that they should be cautious, but not concerned about this coyote.

"There has been one recorded fatality in the united states so that's pretty good track record for any animal," Gruenwald said.

As for Marsh she hopes nothing best for Putter's new friend.

"I would love to see it get trapped end taken some place where there are other coyotes. I believe the coyote is lonely. I really do believe it's lonely, why else would it be playing with my dog."

Right now the Cedar Falls Police Department is looking at what will be the best course of action for Curtis. They are hoping to do a live catch and release him into a less populated area.  

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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