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She Sings For God Concert This Sunday

Tatjana Matejas became a singing superstar in Central Europe at age 19. Tajci (pronounced TY-chee) grew up in Zagreb, Croatia, in what was then communist Yugoslavia. A gifted classical pianist and singer, Tajci appeared in numerous theatrical, musical and television productions.

An international audience, estimated a one billion, watched Tajci perform in the Eurovision Song Contest. Her albums earned Platinum and Diamond sales recognition. She was a genuine superstar, always in demand by the public, and hounded by a crush of photographers. She employed bodyguards to make sure she stayed safe at her many personal appearances, commercial and video shoots. The young singing sensation truly had it all; or so it seemed.

By 1991, when war had thrust itself on Croatia, Tajci was beginning to question her life and the true meaning of her celebrity. She entertained wounded soldiers in hospitals and sang at peace concerts. She even visited soldiers on the front lines of the Bosnian civil war. After the fall of the atheist regime, she began attending church. Tajci's website, says that proved to be a life-changing experience for the young woman, whom, despite appearing to have it all, had experienced a loneliness and emptiness she could not explain.

According to CMN Magazine, "Shocking her country and peers, Tatiana left it all---stardom, glamour, fame, friends and family to come to the United States, alone and unknown, at age 21." The website says she had a nation of young people looking to her for answers, but she had none.

For a time, she stayed at a Los Angeles retreat house, operated by the Carmelite Sisters. She began to find answers in faith, and prayer. She met her future husband, Matthew Cameron, who encouraged Tajci to tell the story of her search for spiritual healing in a world, where so often, wrong seems right, and hope can quickly turn to despair.

In the beginning, newly-weds Tajci and Matthew traveled the United States in a donated mini-van, playing concerts and witnessing to Americans, hungry for truth and inspiration. She has since told her story in nearly a thousand churches. Tajci speaks and sings in nine languages. She frequently receives requests to sing all around the world, in such locations as Africa, Latin America and the Philippines. Still a huge attraction in Central Europe, Tajci's summer of 2006 concert in Bosnia drew a crowd of 35,000.

Now, in what's being billed as one of the largest Ecumenical services Eastern Iowa has ever witnessed, Tajci Cameron is bringing her amazing talent and inspirational story of witness to Waterloo. On Sunday, March 8, Tajci will perform a free concert at Celebration, located at the corner of Highway 63 and Martin Road. Her free concert, entitled, ‘I Thirst,' will be an emotional and timely story of The Crucifixion. The free concert begins at 6 PM.

For more information on this inspiring and compelling night of worship at Celebration, please contact Celebration Youth Director, Dustin Cox, at 319-287-4217.  

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