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Prayer vigil for immigration reform

More than 9 months since the immigration raid in Postville, community leaders continue their call for immigration reform.

Churches in Postville held a joint vigil Thursday night, praying for both relief and national immigration reform.

The vigil at Community Presbyterian Church was intended as a call from the faith community for immigration reform.

Several dozen people came to sing and pray for peace and economic prosperity but mainly to once again bring attention to its plight at the forefront of the issue of immigration.

As the future of AgriProcessors remains murky, about 2 dozen families are still stuck in the middle - unable to work and unable to leave.

Local churches have continued to advocate on their behalf and push state and federal politicians to change the system.

Fr. Paul Ouderkirk of St. Bridget's Catholic Church said, "It's pretty obvious that the law that exists now on the books is broken. It's certainly demonstrated the way it's affected that is town that is severely broken."

The prayer vigil is 1 of 100 going on around the country to urge Congress to take action on immigration.

The Jewish community here held its own prayer vigil at another location in Postville.

Another vigil is set for Sunday in Decorah.

Online Reporter:  Bob Waters

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