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D-TV Dilemma


by John Wilmer

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- As you know by now KWWL has made the switch to digital television. Engineers worked at our broadcast tower in Rowley Tuesday to make the changes. After powering up our digital signal, a number of viewers who were unable to see our broadcast before can now tune us in, but for others the switch has brought problems.

Kaye Rindels is not alone when it comes losing her digital signal after the switch over Tuesday.

"I'm religious watching Channel 7News and not having those things is very frustrating," Rindels said.

She did everything she was told to do, but still no KWWL.  

"I've rescanned the channels probably 30 times and can not get one of the Channel 7's to come in," Rindels said.

Chief Engineer Jarrett Liddicoat has been answering similar questions for the past 24 hours.

"Indoor antenna users have been struggling pretty big time today where as the outdoor users are tending to have better success then they use to," Liddicoat said.

He says rescanning and antenna placement are two major issues viewers are facing.       

"Our problem is not unique though.  Every single VHF station that moved from VHF to UHF yesterday and overnight last night is expecting the exact same call volume and deluge of calls. Most of the stations that are staying with UHF there are hardly getting any calls, but we are getting pretty well hammered right now."

With the help of KWWL engineer Eric Sabota and some fine tuning of her antenna, Rindels was finally able to tune in our signal.

"I'm glad Channel 7 is coming in because I missed it terribly, Rindels said."

Another tip is to do a system reset on your converter box or tuner. The FCC says some boxes have difficulty when they already have channel seven stored. When you reset and rescan, you pick up seven at our new frequency. Most boxes have that option on the settings page.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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