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KWWL shuts off analog signal

by Danielle Wagner

ROWLEY (KWWL) More than 600 stations across the country will transmit only digital signals to begin a new era in television.

KWWL TV officially switched to KWWL DT Tuesday afternoon.  At 1 p.m. KWWL's Chief Engineer Jarrett Liddicoat shut off our analog signal.

While some stations are not ending an analog signal until June 12th, this is a historic day for television.

"Even the jump from black and white to color was kind of phased over time. This is a direct transition, and a lot of new technology and it's revolutionized the way things works," said Liddicoat.

Once the analog transmitter was turned off, engineers also temporarily turned off our digital signal to make some adjustments.

"Once both transmitters were off the air we were allowed to break apart the exisiting transmission line for channel seven. We already had a new line in there, so all we had to do was spin around a piece of line. We had a couple road blocks, but we still got on the air before 2 p.m. like we hoped," said Liddicoat.

Mike Bisbee of Waterloo said the transition was smooth for his family.

"I just told her re scan, re scan and it came right back on," said Bisbee.

Bisbee said once the television was re-scanned, KWWL's signal got stronger.

"Much better, a lot better," said Bisbee.

Our chief engineer says our digital signal is stronger now because we are able to use an antenna higher up on our tower located in Rowley.

If you are still having trouble even after re-scanning, our engineer suggests checking your antenna.

He said some people might have a digital antenna, but you need a VHF antenna.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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