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Sibling abuse more common than many think

Waterloo (KWWL) - In light of the Jason Hanson trial, the man accused of murdering his brother, we did some research on the prevalence of sibling abuse.

Research shows that violence among siblings is quite common. The University of Michigan Health System finds that it occurs more often than parental or spousal abuse.

A study in the journal Child Maltreatment found 35-percent of children had been hit or attacked by a sibling in the past year. 14-percent had been repeatedly attacked, and about 5-percent suffered cuts, chipped teeth and broken bones.

The study found sibling abuse occurs most often in large families of closely spaced boys. Most frequently when parents are emotionally absent because of divorce, working, or alcoholism.

The university of Michigan finds that most victims show symptoms of trauma. Signs of sibling abuse include: sleeplessness, crying spells, and fears of the dark.

If you suspect abuse among your children, first, separate them. After a cooling off period, hold a family meeting to set a positive goal.


Online Producer: Maria Magner

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