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Finding a mate isn't what it used to be

by John Wilmer

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- People look for different things when trying to find love. A new study by the University of Iowa finds that education and money are more important when finding a mate than chastity in today's world.          

When a similar survey was given in 1939 men ranked chastity toward the top but in 2008 it fell to dead last.

Today's young adults rank love and attraction as most important; however, a few generations ago those answers didn't even make the top three.

With love being in the air, the day before Valentines, people are out spending on everything from flowers to signing telegrams.  All in effort to show their loved just how much they care.

"People want to get their deliveries off to work to surprise their special someone because Saturday they will be at home," Katie Clausen of Flowerama said.

When looking for a partner things have changed over time. Today, both women and men put love at the top of a list, where in the 1930's love was ranked at number five.

Besides finding true love people in the Cedar Valley look for a variety of traits.

"Personality, she is a wonderful person and I'm a better person when I'm with her," Clint Curry of Waterloo said.

"I would say they would have to have a good sense of humor and somebody I can just have fun with," Lexie Manning of Waterloo said.

"Probably his great sense of humor and his kind and generous heart," Clausen said.

According to the study woman rate desire for home and children much higher in importance than men do.  In 2008, woman ranked it fourth where men ranked it ninth.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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