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Iowa lawmakers weigh in on Stimulus

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- The U.S. Senate will make a final vote on the economic stimulus package Tuesday, after it passed a key test Monday.

Democrats hope to get it to the president's desk by the end of the week. But they'll face strong republican opposition. Among them, Iowa Senator Charles Grassley (R), who argues big government spending won't translate into lasting job creation.

"When government spends money in order to create as many jobs as possible as quickly as possible, we end up with government boondoggles instead of sound economic policy," Sen. Grassley told colleagues on the Senate floor Monday.

Democrats disagree. Iowa First District Congressman Bruce Braley (D) said, "The economic stimulus package will create jobs and boost our economy. This legislation invests in projects that provide an immediate boost to the economy while setting the stage for long-term economic growth ... I hope this bill will quickly become law and help get our economy moving again."

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin (D) said, "I am thankful that many of my Senate colleagues chose to work together and I am grateful for President Obama's leadership at a time when our economic picture is so bleak. This plan is a good, bipartisan compromise that will revive our economy in the short term, and transform it in the long term."

If it passes the Senate Tuesday, congressional leaders would still need to iron out differences in the House and Senate versions of the stimulus. The Senate version calls for more tax cuts and less spending than the House bill. Both houses provide for tax breaks for home buyers, but the Senate's provision is far more generous. The Senate bill also gives a tax break to purchasers of new cars.

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