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Melting, ice jams cause flood warning and muddy mess

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - The threat of rising waters followed an early preview of spring in Iowa.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and National Weather Service estimate the Iowa river will reach a moderate flood stage of 15.7 feet in Marengo by Monday night, affecting low-lying farmland along the river.

Large chunks of ice continue to break up and float down the river, where they're getting caught in places and plugging it up.

As of Sunday, it wasn't expected to reach flood stage in Iowa City, but warm temperatures and melting snow and ice created a big mess.

Bob Bacon was surprised the city dog park was open for their visit.

"Last year they had to shut it down, just to preserve the turf," he told us. He and Dianne McBrien were just happy to be outside, and see other people doing the same, even if it meant their dogs Cubby and Zuzu getting dirtier than usual.

"It's kinda gross out here right now," she said, "but it's just nice to see everybody out and playing together."

"Up until this point it's been cold enough that they've just gotten covered with snow and ice, but they haven't gotten muddy," said Bacon, as he watched his dogs play in the mud.

Nearby, Nick Pierson was getting some skateboarding in.

"The bowls aren't done yet, but we shoveled the top part last week, so it's pretty good," Pierson said of the Iowa City Skate Park's condition.

He's happy to deal with some mud and slush, so long as the temperatures stay skater-friendly.

"It's a lot better than where we were like two weeks ago, negative 100-below or something."

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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