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Buddy Check 7: Mammosite Treatment Option

by Danielle Wagner

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) One year ago Chris Lorenz had a lump removed from her breast.

After surgery, Lorenz chose a radiation option she says many women don't know exists: MammoSite.

"Instead of everyday for six weeks, which is what usually you do with any kind of radiation, it's twice a day for five days and then you go home," said Chris Lorenz.

Lorenz said there are only five MammoSite locations in Iowa. One of those sites is at Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids. Lorenz said MammoSite is internal as opposed to the traditional external radiation.

"What they do is implant a small balloon inside the cavity where the lump was. Then there's a small catheter that comes from the balloon at the side of the breast and the radiation goes in through the tube. So it's internal. It's just in the cavity of where the lump was, which my understanding is the most likely place the cancer will return if it ever comes back," she said.

After her experience with MammoSite, Lorenz decided to become a volunteer. The first in the state of Iowa.

"We don't dispense medical advice. I just talk about my experience and mostly talk about getting mammograms and breast health in general," said Lorenz.

With so many women affected, she felt she needed to do her part to raise awareness.

But Lorenz said Mammosite is not for everyone. You must meet certain criteria including age, type of breast cancer and stage of breast cancer. Lorenz recommends talking with your doctor and doing research.

While the procedure was great for her, she said there's at least one draw back.

"The main disadvantage is there's only five years of history with it, whereas traditional radiation there's 30 years of history," said Lorenz.

Lorenz said preliminary research is good, and she expects MammoSite to become more well-known as a treatment option.

For more information on MammoSite, click here.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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