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Fewer pot holes in the tri-states region

Dubuque (KWWL) -- With days of above freezing temperatures, followed by dips below, pot holes are forming all over eastern Iowa. In some cities it's worse than others; some cities in the tri-states region actually fare better than those farther west.

For more than 30 years, John Huekels has worked for the city of Dubuque maintaining streets. Right now, with not much snow to plow, that means looking for and filling pot holes with another road crew member.

"It's our goal this week to get through every street in the city and do an inspection on those and patch up any holes we would have starting to show before the weekend," John Klostermann, Dubuque Street and Sewer Maintenance Supervisor, said.

But since we're still in the midst of winter weather, workers are just putting down a temporary fix. Once the weather warms up, they might have to go back and replace some. Asphalt also becomes more available in summer months.

On Wednesday, Huekels didn't find much to fix except a few small spots on Kerper Boulevard.

"Right this very minute, it appears we're in pretty good shape, and the reason I say that is because consistent weather we've had below freezing. It's really when we get into the freeze, thaw cycles we see the potholes start to occur," Klostermann said.

City street officials say Dubuque's relatively few pot holes are thanks to extensive road work done in the summer.

"With our own crews, we pave ten miles per year, and that's a resurfacing where we actually go in and remove about an inch and a half of asphalt and resurface that," Klostermann said. Since 1996, city crews alone have repaved 130 miles of street in Dubuque.

Another pot hole preventer, though a smaller factor, in Dubuque is the hills. Officials say pot holes usually form in flatter areas where water doesn't run through as easily: places that are scarcer in Iowa's bluff towns.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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