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UI students watch rate Super Bowl commercials

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - There are those who watch the Superbowl for a pure love of the game.

Then there are those who tune in to see those expensive commercials.

A group of University of Iowa MBA students rate the ads that score a touchdown for effectiveness, the ones that make them laugh out loud, and of course, the ones that are just plain duds.

There were clear favorites just minutes after kickoff. "The Doritos 'crystal ball' one was definitely a popular one amongst the group," said Trent Welander.

"The Doritos ads are very popular," said Katie Funk. "Personally, I liked the first Bud Light commericial we saw tonight," said Funk, referring to an ad poking fun at the ailing U.S. economy.

Samantha Lane also enjoyed it. "The guy suggested getting rid of Bud Light at the meeting, and they threw him out the window."

With the economy in mind, this is a yearly tradition these students will remember, if they ever have to make a commercial of their own.

"It's kind of applying techniques we learned about product placement, different strategies for identifying your brand and your product, and getting the most bang for your buck," said Welander, "especially with how expensive the ads are this year."

The final score: A teleflora.com ad impacted this group the most, while a godaddy.com spot disappointed. One Doritos ad was voted the funniest, and the best overall was a the Bud Light "office" commercial. 

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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