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You've Got Class Kick-off: Danielle Wagner re-visits Oelwein High School

by Danielle Wagner

OELWEIN (KWWL) The halls at Oelwein High School are filled with chatter, lockers opening and closing and students rushing to their next classes. Just as it was when I was in high school eight years ago.

I graduated in 2001 as "Best of the Class" I was headed to the University of Iowa to study journalism.

Much of what I learned about character came in the classrooms, the hallways and the gym of Oelwein High School. I learned about the type of person I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do with my life.

One of my first experiences with journalism came as news editor for the Husky Register. I remember many late nights working after school and after sports to get the paper out each month.

"One of the things I really like about it, it brings a lot of kids together who maybe don't hang out otherwise. So maybe kids really focused in band or some in sports or some who aren't out for much else besides Husky Register come together," said newspaper advisor Tammy Ingels.

I also learned about responsbility, respect and citizenship as drum major of the Oelwein Huskies Marching Band. I had to be a leader on and off the field.

Fairness and caring came at the volleyball net and on the basketball court. For me, being in multiple extra curricular activities taught me how to be organized and well-rounded.

One of my most memorable classes was Advanced Placement Literature and Composition for college credit. The class taught me exactly what Mrs. Peik hoped.

"Learning to communicate. Learning to feel confident about challenging coursework for college and after life."

Unfortunately, life doesn't get easier after high school. Thanks largely to my experiences at Oelwein High School, I'm prepared and confident in my character.

The older I get, the more I understand how much I really learned in high school that wasn't in a text book.

I hope to hear from classrooms across eastern Iowa helping to shape the lives of today's young people.

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Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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