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Superbowl shoppers not getting thrifty despite economy

By Lauren Squires

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- You'd think in a down economy people would be cutting back on things like Superbowl parties. But as we discovered Saturday afternoon, people aren't cutting back. In fact some are splurging. That's because they're stumbling upon great deals and they say the Superbowl on comes ones a year.

By the looks are the parking lot outside Dubuque Locust Street HyVee, it's you're typical Saturday.

Step inside and you'll get the hint that's the day before the Superbowl.

"Not only for convenience but they're massive so everything that you need is in one spot, said manager Sara McDermott.

Pepsi, Lays chips, cheese balls, Goldfish; they've got it all.

You would think with our economic problems - people would be cutting back - but it's just the opposite. HyVee is giving shoppers deals to help with high costs.

Shopper Jamie Tigges is stocking up for Sunday's game but he says he's watching the total.

"You gotta watch your money a lot more because everything is more expensive, said Jamie Tigges.

Meanwhile Tom Bragg is getting everything he needs for his party.

"The theme for the party is dips so all things dip like, said Tom Bragg of Bellevue.

He says dipping into his pocket isn't a big deal, when it only comes once a year.

"6 or 8 people, small group just sitting around drinking, gambling and watching football. It's a chance to get together and have some fun, said Bragg.

Fun, that even when money is tight, can't be sacrificed for football.

Another questions we asked shoppers, completely unrelated to the economy, who are they rooting for everyone we spoke with said the Cardinals. Perhaps that's because of the Kurt Warner connection.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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