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Braley visits Postville

POSTVILLE (KWWL) - Thursday Congressman Bruce Braley made a visit to work on rebuilding the devastated community. And the list keeps growing.

Since May's raid people in Postville have been digging for resources to help workers affected. But those resources are running out.

Braley met with local church leaders, Postville school and city official about the impact of Agriprocessors collapse and the immigration raid in May.

Among the issues brought to the table: immigration policies, government funding, student visas, education and the future of Postville.

Braley says he's been fighting for proper immigration policies. And today's visit to Postville gives him a first hand experience.

"It's one thing to read a document, it's another to look into the eyes of the people who've been here on the front lines making incredible sacrifices," said U.S. Representative Bruce Braley.

Braley also stressed accountability. Saying this issue starts with holding people accountable, both employees and employers

He hopes to take this information back to Washington D.C. and work on a comprehension immigration reform.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires


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