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Exercising your Brain

Going to the gym now means more than exercising your body.  A new piece of equipment can help you bike for your brain.

It's a computer brain game and a stationary bicycle in one.  This is the neuractive bike, created by a team of doctors and neuropsychologists, with the premise physical exercise enhances the brain work.

 "When you do your cardio training at the same time is you pump more blood, more oxygen, more nutrients and your brain functions even better," says Dr. Stephane Bergeron, Brain Center America.

63-year-old Noemi Cantor exercises on a regular stationery bike every day with not much to look at. Today she tried out the neuractive bike for the first time.

"Oh it's much different because you're exercising your brain at the same time you're exercising your legs. I like it because it keeps me busy and I don't have to keep on looking to see how much I have to go -- and the bike with the timing," she says.

While your legs are going, a variety of mentals skills are being tested.  You click the mouse when you have the answer.

"People wanted to have better memory of names and faces. We have exercises for that. People were saying, 'You know I've got a problem with I've got it on the tip of my tongue but I can't see it.' We have an exercise designed especially to solve that kind of problem, " says Bergeron. 

Some of the games proved to be a challenge even for a 34-year-old fitness instructor.

"I was doing the clock. It was a little bit difficult because the clock was a little bit twisted, so you have to see it then do your response," says Georgina Chumaceiro.

The next step is to launch a clinical study to measure the benefits of simultaneous cardio-brain training.

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