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Man hides in backseat of running and unlocked car

by Danielle Wagner

WATERLOO (KWWL) Despite a drop in the number of robberies from 2006 to 2007 ... robbery numbers here in iowa have been on a steady rise since 2003. that's according to the Department of Public Safety.

There were three robberies were reported in Black Hawk County... all within about 12 hours. One of those involved a man being robbed at knife point.

KWWL spoke with the victim, 48-year-old Michael Ohlenkamp of Waterloo, on the phone. He told us what he says happened.

A little after 10:00 Sunday night, Ohlenkamp wanted to get some groceries. He decided to come to the Kum and Go on Franklin Street as he usual does, but this time the store didn't have the milk he wanted.

Instead Ohlenkamp got back in his car and drove down Franklin Street to the Kwik Star. Ohlenkamp went in the store for milk, bread and bananas. Ohlenkamp paid for his groceries and headed back out of the store to his car he left running and unlocked.

When Hhlenkamp got into his car, someone was hiding in the backseat. That someone Ohlenkamp said grabbed his hair and put a knife to his throat. The person told him he had a gun and would kill him.

Ohlenkamp said he floored it down Franklin back towards the Kum and Go. The man told him to pull towards the back of the parking lot. Instead Ohlenkamp drove right up to the front doors hoping someone would see what was happening.

Ohlenkamp said the man asked for all the change from his pockets. Then he opened the backside passenger door and ran around the Kum and Go building.

Ohlenkamp suffered a slight injury to his throat.

Shortly after the incident, Waterloo Police arrested and charged 45-year-old Dwayne William with first degreey robbery, harassment of a public official and public intoxication.

If you're the victim of a crime, Captain John Beckman with the Waterloo Police Department said remain calm and do exactly what the person asks.

"What seems like the convenient types of things to do, is going to cause problems. Just have the presence of mind to shut it off, lock it up and be aware of your surroundings. If you are confronted, try to become the best witness you can possibly be," said Captain Beckman.

Captain Beckman said being a good witness means getting a solid description of the suspect. That includes clothes, height, weight and anything that sets the person apart like tattoos.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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