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Safety precautions at convenience stores

WATERLOO (KWWL) Convenience stores can often be the target of robberies. The most important safety tip employees are told is to be aware.

To help employees keep an eye on customers and anything suspicious, the Kwik Star on Franklin Street has numerous surveillance cameras inside and outside the store.

Day or night, there's always at least two employees working at a time.

Kwik Star also makes it clear the store will not break 100 dollar bills and keeps a minimum amount of money in the cash register drawer at all times.

"To keep enough in there to make sure we have change for our customers, but if they come in with larger bills, they may have to wait for change because we typically don't have a lot there to avoid losing it if someone were to hold us up. Hopefully that deters people from trying to rob us," said Kwik Star Manager Kevin Kuiper.

Also, convenience stores typically have a measuring tape along the door. If you should witness a crime, you can get an idea of how tall the person is when he or she walks out the door. Then relay that information to police.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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